Crapstone Playpark Co-op Community Fund

Crapstone needs a new playpark

Buckland Monachorum Parish council would like to create an all-weather naturally themed play area using recycled plastic equipment including a safer and dryer surface for use throughout the year.

The play area has been designed by “Green scheme” a well-known local company that specializes in the use of recycled plastic.

The parish council feels this would be a better alternative to wood as

Crapstone field is a very wet area, we already have the “Crapstone Wetland Meadow” in the field with a recycled plastic information board and it looks good.

The role of the parish council is to represent the interest of the whole community and we are seeking to improve the Crapstone field to encouraging residents out into the beautiful area we live.

We have a price of £50,000 to raise, and the start off point has been our local Co-op, we were lucky enough to be picked for their “community funding” award. To support us with the Co-op if you are a member just sign in, scroll down and tick our box, if you are not a member sign up and tick our box. Every time you shop and scan your membership card, we gain a share of the profit and every little will help.

By showing local participation and support, this will enable further funding to be applied for.

If you would like to help with fund raising events or you would like some more information, please contact the clerk.

Buckland Monachorum Parish Council - Parish Clerk: Katharine Griffiths
Office Hours: 10:00 to 12:00 Tuesday to Thursday - Tel: 01822 855889